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Basic cloud storage platform that is free and reliable

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Google Drive is an arm of Google that provides storage for documents for Google customers. You get a Google Drive account when you sign up for any Google service, and the Drive can be used to store your most sensitive documents for easy retrieval. This is essentially a cloud service that operates outside your computer. You may not trust flash drives, your hard drive or backup systems. We know that Google is going to around for a while, and that makes it safe to download items on Google Drive.

The Benefits

  • Google Drive can serve as your personal backup for every item that you have created. You can put any kind of electronic document you want in Google Drive. This allows you to retrieve it easily when you have a desktop client that allows you to move files in and out easily.
  • You can do your own backup with the client open on your screen. You can open your hard drive and drag items from your hard drive into your Google Drive.
  • Google Drive is attached to your Google account, and you can find it easily when you visit Google online.
  • In addition, you can avoid using your web browser and access the items on your desktop without ever opening the browser.
  • The size limit on your Google Drive is so large that you may never even come close to reaching it.

The Drawbacks

  • Google Drive requires an active Internet connection if you want to use it. You cannot retrieve files if you are not connected, and you cannot drag files into your Google Drive without a connection. If you are working in a place where there is no signal, you are stuck.
  • Google Drive does have a storage limit that some people may hit. If you are concerned about hitting the storage limit, you need to make sure you have another account to store your extra items.
  • The program will run in the background on your computer. This can drain your battery much faster than normal. You must close the program when you are not using it.

Google Drive is a wonderful alternative to traditional backup systems. You know that Google is going to take good care of your files, and you can access those files from the client on your desktop. However, the program can drain the battery on your computer. Also, you need to have a reliable Internet connection if you want to make use of the program. This program is useful for some people, but you may find it burdensome in certain situations.

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